Congress can have access to eight years of Trump’s tax records, appeals court orders

It's a secret
Well we all knew this was going to the Supreme Court anyways so this is really just a formality but nonetheless it is moving forward.

Seems all of this stuff is starting to wrap up at this point.


Congress can seek eight years of President Trump’s tax records, according to a federal appeals court order Wednesday that moves the separation-of-powers conflict one step closer to the Supreme Court.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit let stand an earlier ruling against the president that affirmed Congress’s investigative authority on a day when the House was holding its first public impeachment inquiry hearing.

Trump’s lawyers have said they are prepared to ask the Supreme Court to intervene in this case and in several other legal battles between the president and Congress.
The D.C. Circuit was responding Wednesday to Trump’s request to have a full panel of judges rehear a three-judge decision from October that rejected the president’s request to block lawmakers from subpoenaing his longtime accounting firm.

A majority of the court’s 11 active judges voted against revisiting the case. Three judges – Neomi Rao, Gregory Katsas and Karen LeCraft Henderson – indicated hey would have granted the rehearing and published dissenting statements. Rao and Katsas, both former Trump administration officials, were nominated to the bench by the president.