Impeachment gasping it's last

Southern California
New Haven, CT
Breaking News November 26, 2019 at 8:27 p.m. EST

The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled its first impeachment hearing for Dec. 4, as Democrats released transcripts Tuesday of the depositions of two more Trump administration officials.
The depositions of Mark Sandy, an Office of Management and Budget official, and Philip Reeker, the diplomat in charge of U.S. policy for Europe, were released hours after Trump said he would “love” for several senior administration officials to testify in the impeachment inquiry. He then argued that the White House was preventing them from doing so to protect the institution of the presidency.
Later Tuesday, Trump headlined a campaign rally in Florida, where he renewed his attacks against Democrats and what he described as their “impeachment witch hunt.”
I can't believe we have a president so effing stupid he isn't aware there is no witchhunt - the entire nation knows who the witch is - it's him. How effing ignorant IS HE???????