Iran’s President: Trump’s Sanctions Wiped Out Cash We Received From Obama

LOL Winning!

Oh, poor baby! Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has confessed that President Trump’s strict sanctions have cost his country $200 billion, effectively wiping out the assets provided by the Obama administration. “Sanctions have deprived the Islamic Republic of $100 billion in oil revenue in the last two years and an equal amount in foreign investment credit,” Bloomberg News reported, citing Rouhani’s official website.

Trump signed a resumption of U.S. sanctions in 2018 following withdrawal from the one-sided Iran nuclear deal, which had lifted them previously. “The last set of sanctions lifted under the terrible nuclear deal will come back into force,” Trump announced in a statement, further warning Iran to “abandon its destructive behavior or continue down the path toward economic disaster.”


New Haven, CT
What a shame that there are some people - and actually adults, no less! - who still don't understand that Obama did not "provide" any money whatsoever to Iran. He merely returned the money which was theirs to begin with.

I bet there's a helluva lot of Trump ex-contractors, employees, students of his 'university,' charities, etc. who wish he would just give them back the money that is theirs.
Southern California
Sh1tSta1n obama actually gave Iran the money that was awarded to the hostages.

It had to be in cash. Pallets of it. Cash to hide the amount and leave no paper trail.